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    • Contribution of sex steroids and prolactin to the modulation of T and B cells during autoimmunity 

      Recalde, Gabriela; Moreno-Sosa, Tamara; Yudica, Florencia; Quintero, Cristian; Sanchez, Belén; Jahn, Graciela; Kalergis, Alexis; Mackern- Oberti, Juan Pablo (2017-12-16)
      VERSIÓN FINAL DE AUTORES ACEPTADA PARA PUBLICACIÓN (PRE-PRINT). In this review we discuss how sex steroids and prolactin affect regulation and responsiveness of B and T cells. Sex hormones exert profound effects on several physiological processes of nonreproductive tissues. In the immune system, several studies with experimental models for SLE have shown a noticeable pro-inflammatory role for ERα, contributing to disease development reflected in proteinuria and renal pathology. On the other hand, ERβ appears to have an antiinflammatory and immunosuppressive effect. Estrogen/ERα signaling induced ...