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    • Erythrocyte micronucleus cytome assay of 17 wild bird species from the central Monte desert, Argentina. 

      Quero, Arnoldo Ängel Martín; Ferré, Daniela Marisol; Zarco, Agustín; Cuervo, Pablo Fernando; Gorla, Nora Bibiana María (Editorial Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2016-09-29)
      Birds have the potential to be considered valuable bioindicators of the quality of ecosystems and the environmental impact of pollutants. The aims of this study were to determine the micronuclei frequency and other nuclear abnormalities in erythrocytes by analyzing a wild bird community from central Monte desert (Argentina) and to clarify if there were any differences among certain species. Frequencies of nuclear abnormalities were determined in 73 wild birds belonging to 17 species and two orders (Passeriformes and Columbiformes). A high proportion of individuals, 90.4 and 80.9 %, had erythrocytes ...
    • Plasma Cholinesterase Activity in Wild Birds from Undisturbed Woodlands in the Central Monte Desert 

      Quero, Arnoldo Ängel Martín; Zarco, Agustín; Landa, Florencia Belén; Gorla, Nora Bibiana María (2019-04-30)
      Plasma cholinesterase activity is a biomarker sensitive to the effect of organophosphate and carbamate pesticides, and its enzymatic levels have been previously unknown for most of the wild birds analyzed in the present study. Our objectives were to establish plasma acetylcholinesterase levels in songbirds of 2 undisturbed sites in the central Monte Desert (Argentina). We also examined the influence on cholinesterase activity of age, sex, body condition, feeding and migratory habits, and species. One hundred and sixty‐five wild birds belonging to 26 species were studied. The values obtained for ...