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    • Changes in grapevine DNA methylation and polyphenols content induced by solar ultraviolet- B radiation, water deficit and abscisic acid spray treatments. 

      Marfil, Carlos; Ibañez, Verónica; Alonso, Rodrigo; Varela, Anabella; Bottini, Rubén; Masuelli, Ricardo; Fontana, Ariel; Berli, Federico (Comité Editorial Plant Physiology and Biochemistry., 2019-02)
      Environment and crop management shape plant's phenotype. Argentinean highaltitude vineyards are characterized by elevated solar ultraviolet-B radiation (UV B) and water deficit (D) that enhance enological quality for red winemaking. These signals promote phenolics accumulation in leaves and berries, being the responses mediated by abscisic acid (ABA). DNA methylation is an epigenetic mechanism that regulates gene expression and may affect grapevine growth, development and acclimation, since methylation patterns are mitotically heritable. Berry skins low molecular weight polyphenols (LMWP) were ...