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    • Biomonitoring of the hematological, biochemical and genotoxic effects of the mixture cypermethrin plus chlorpyrifos applications in bovines 

      Ferré, Daniela Marisol; Jotallan, Paola; Lentini, Valeria; Ludueña, Héctor Ricardo; Romano, Raquel; Gorla, Nora Bibiana María (Science of the Total Environment Editorial, 2020-03-19)
      ARTÍCULO PUBLICADO EN REVISTA EXTERNA. External antiparasitic agents applied in bovine production represent a risk to consumers of meat products, espe- cially if the conditions of their use are not strictly respected. The post-mortem control of residues in meat is an activity that must be updated and reinforced by the biomonitoring of live animals and the use of analytical tools to help identifying signs of early warning risks. The objective of the present study was to carry out a pre- slaughter biomonitoring approach in Aberdeen Angus cattle and crosses (n = 12) with the application of ...