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    • Fascioliasis in working mules in endemic andean areas of Mendoza Province, Argentina 

      Sidoti, Laura; Cuervo, Pablo; Sbriglio, L; Fantozzi, Cecilia; Deis, Erika; Di Cataldo, Sophía; Mera y Sierra, Roberto (Editorial UMaza, 2010-10)
      Fascioliasis, the affection caused by Fasciola sp. is an important livestock disease and major threat to human health (in Latin America only F. hepatica is present). Although fascioliasis is widely studied in several domestic species, in Argentina, the affection in equines, and particularly mules, is not even considered, thus not studied. Argentina has a quite remarkable tradition regarding mules, since they took part in every major event along the country history: from an intense commerce during colonialism with several neighbouring countries, crossing the Andes with the Ejército Libertador ...