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    • And Then There Were Three: Lymnaeid Vectors of Fascioliasis in Highly Endemic Province of Argentina 

      Mera y Sierra, Roberto; Cuervo, Pablo; Sidoti, Laura; Artigas, Patricio; Bargues, M; Mas-Coma, S (Editorial UMaza, 2010-10)
      Mendoza province lies to the west of Argentina, its backbone being the Andes Mountains. In its valleys can be found very high endemicities of fascioliasis in cattle , sheep, goats , horses, mules, donkeys and even introduced llamas. Up to the present, such high prevalences were always linked to the presence of only one lymnaeid vector species described in the region, Lymnaea viatrix , similarly as for most of Argentina. However, traditional malacologicalmethods have proven to be insufficient to reach species level classification in the Galba-Fossaria group4 .