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    • Infectious bursal disease virus uptake involves macropinocytosis and trafficking to early endosomes in a Rab5-dependent manner 

      Giménez, María Cecilia; Rodríguez Aguirre, José Francisco; Colombo, María Isabel; Delgui, Laura Ruth (Comité editorial Cellular Microbiology, 2015-01-07)
      Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) internalization is sparsely known in terms of molecular components of the pathway involved. To describe the cell biological features of IBDV endocytosis, we employed perturbants of endocytic pathways such as pharmacological inhibitors and overexpression of dominant-negative mutants. Internalization analysis was performed quantifying infected cells by immunofluorescence and Western blot detection of the viral protein VP3 at 12 h post-infection reinforced by the analysis of the capsid protein VP2 localization after virus uptake at 1 h post-infection. ...