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    • Primer reporte de espiroquetemia en un perro de Argentina 

      Mera y Sierra, Roberto; Biglieri, Sergio; Martín, María Laura; Neira, Gisela (Editorial UMaza, 2020-10)
      Canine vector borne diseases are expanding worldwi de with implications both in animal and human health. Tick borne diseases have increased dramatically in the past ten years; new diseases have emerged and their geographical distribution has spread. In the province of Mendoza, in Midwestern Argentina, diseases previously not reported such as ehrlichiosis, babesiosis and hepatozoonosis have been diagnosed. In humans, rickettsiosis has been reported. The species of ticks described affecting dogs in the province are Rhipicephalus sanguineus and Amblyomma tigrinum. To the best of our knowledge, ...