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    • Identity and parentage of some South American grapevine cultivars present in Argentina. 

      Aliquó, Gustavo; Torres, Rocío; Lacombe, Thierry; Boursiquot, Jean Michel; Laucou, Valérie; Gualpa, José; Fanzone, Martín; Sari, Santiago; Pérez Peña, Jorge; Prieto, Jorge Alejandro (Comité editorial Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, 2017-05-03)
      ARTÍCULO PUBLICADO EN REVISTA EXTERNA. Background and Aims: Based on 19 nuclear simple sequence repeat markers and parental analysis, we aimed to identify and propose the pedigree of different accessions held at the Estación Experimental Agropecuaria Mendoza of the Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria germplasmcollection. The results were compared with data recorded in large, international databases. Methods and Results: We identified 37 different cultivars, of which 18 were original and not previously identified. The parentage analysis showed that European cultivars, such as Muscat ...