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    • Phenolic and sensory profiles discriminate geographical indications for Malbec wines from different regions of Mendoza, Argentina. 

      Urvieta, Roy; Buscema, Fernando; Bottini, Rubén; Fontana, Ariel (Comité Editorial Food Chemistry., 2018-11-01)
      Malbec wines from 27 parcels from the three most important winemaking regions of Mendoza, Argentina, were produced under standardized winemaking conditions, and analyzed for phenolic composition and by means of sensory descriptive analysis. Different methods of characterization and cluster analysis for each data matrix showed that some locations of Mendoza could be significantly separated from each other. The results of unsupervised statistical methods were compared using a test for similarities and divergences, also showing that different locations may be associated. The current report is the ...
    • Terroir and vintage discrimination of Malbec wines based on phenolic composition across multiple sites in Mendoza, Argentina 

      Urvieta, Roy; Jones, Gregory; Buscema, Fernando; Bottini, Rubén; Fontana, Ariel (Scientifics reports editorial, 2021-02-03)
      This study evaluated the phenolic profiles of Malbec wines made from grapes of 23 parcels distributed in 12 geographical indications (GIs) from Mendoza, Argentina. Wines were elaborated under standardized winemaking conditions over three consecutive vintages (2016–2018). Data discriminated wines from different GIs and parcels, based on an integrative data analysis by chemometric tools. Vintage effect and specific phenolic compounds were associated with some GIs or parcels. As well, regional climate conditions allowed partial discrimination of the GIs (and also some parcels). A random forest ...