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    • Preparation of Fresh Noodles with Chia and Amaranth 

      Bailey, Jannika; Farah, Silvia; Mezzatesta, Pablo; Raimondo, Emilia (Comite editorial Biology and Life Science Forum, 2022-10-19)
      Current nutritional recommendations lead to reformulate traditional products, such as fresh noodles, in order to improve the nutrients, they provide. The objective of this work was to determine the variation of the nutritional profile of fresh noodles by partially replacing wheat flour with chia and amaranth flour. For this purpose, wheat flour was partially substituted with 15% chia flour and 11% amaranth flour, respecting the proportions of the rest of the ingredients (called FS) and fresh noodles with unsubstituted wheat flour, which is taken as the standard (F). Once prepared, protein, total ...